I foretold the decline and failure of market fundamentalism in a longform essay originally drafted in 2013, published here as The Rise and Failure of the Radical Right in 2017. It proposed that neoliberalism would either descend into fascism or lose favour with voters. Having moved well along the fascist path it is now losing favour, and the Liberal Party is in decline, probably terminal. As Labor voters increasingly realise it is also a neoliberal government, it too will decline.


Central to this foresight is an analysis of mainstream economics showing how it totally misidentifies modern economies, and its claims and forecasts are worthless. See several books here, summarised in The Little Green Economics Book. A formal exposition is in Economy, Society, Nature.


A first account of the options facing Australia is in Desperately Seeking the Fair Go . Now a broader and deeper look at a better path for Australia is in the forthcoming New Australia: Discarding Delusions and Organising for the Wellbeing of All. It draws on a much wider range of history, anthropology, archaeology, psychology and other knowledge.

We can live well in this land, on this planet, but we have to release ourselves from the current destructive regime and shift our values and ideas to be compatible with the living world of which we are inextricably a part. It can be done. There is no other choice.

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Discarding delusions and organising for the wellbeing of all



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