The Rise and Failure of the Radical Right

The Origins of Australia’s Political Disarray


The right-wing ideology of the past 40 years has failed. It was always going to fail, because it is based on nonsense ideas, and because it harms people and the natural world. Australian politics has been dragged far to the right since 1980 because both major parties embraced an agenda promoted by right-wing radicals. Now the radical right’s grip on power is finally slipping. We are poised for a major political re-alignment.

… highly readable and thoroughly pertinent …  I would firmly recommend [this book]. [Davies] will certainly make you think.” – Bob Douglas AO

A BetterNature Short Book (14,500 words), 4 May 2017

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“In this new booklet of 38 pages, Davies has written an analysis of neoliberalism, politics and growing chaos in Australian society to which he, of course, brings his own prejudices and deep concerns for the viability of human civilisation.

Like each of his economic books, this long essay is highly readable and thoroughly pertinent to the setting in which millions of Australians now find themselves; confused and apprehensive about what is happening globally and bewildered by the complex politics that has emerged locally.

Most of us probably assume that the economic mantra of “sacred money, sacred markets” that now drives global society and dominates thinking both in the Liberal-Country party coalition and the  Australian Labour Party is not contestable. But Davies insists that economic systems are the creation of humans for the benefit of humans and that the economic ideology that is now driving the world is not benefiting either us or the planet on which we depend for our sustenance. We did not learn from the 2008 economic crisis that the economic ideology that was driving us was the central problem and most Australians have not yet tumbled to that conclusion.

I would firmly recommend “The rise and failure of the radical right” to reading groups across Australia. You might not agree with everything Davies says, but he will certainly make you think.”

– Emeritus Professor Bob Douglas AO  is a retired epidemiologist and a Director of Ausralia21