Dhurga Rock

The Dhurga Rock was placed in Ryrie Park in the centre of Braidwood NSW in May 2015, as part of the Two Fires Festival.

One side has an acknowledgement, from the White community, of the First People of the region.

From the White community - acknowledgement, regret, aspiration.

From the White community – acknowledgement, regret, aspiration.

The other side has carvings of native animal totems, done by Budawang/Yuin artist Noel Butler.


The rock was received and smoked by members of the Yuin nation as part of the installation ceremony.

Ngaran Dancer sm

Djaadjawan 17.5.15ls

The inscribed words are:

This rock stands as an acknowledgement that the land in the Braidwood region was occupied and cared for by the people of the Dhurga language group for tens of thousands of years before European settlement.

Their dispossession and displacement and the resulting suffering and loss of sacred culture are deeply regretted.

We aspire to a shared future in which Aboriginal wisdom is valued and all people and the land are respected and cared for.

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