Economy, Society, Nature – Published

Economy, Society, Nature: An Introduction to the New Systems-Based, Life-Friendly Economics

Published 17 Sept 2019 by the World Economics Association as paperback. eBook now available (1 Nov).

Both forms available on Amazon US, Amazon UK. eBook only on Amazon AU (Australia).

The study of economies needs to be fundamentally reworked. The dominant approach has been in a pre-scientific state, akin to medicine before Pasteur. It has not even been in a state comparable to Ptolemaic astronomy, which did make usefully quantified predictions of planetary positions in the sky.

It is a matter of survival that we better understand the present and other possible economic systems, and that we find systems that will nurture human and other life. Fortunately, healthy alternatives are available.

We need to return to fundamental questions. What is the nature of an economy? What is the purpose of an economy? How does an economy relate to the larger society and natural world in which it is embedded?

In this book a conception is sketched out that can accommodate not only economic phenomena but the social and natural processes with which they are inextricably entwined.

The presentation is suitable for students of all kinds and ages. It uses plain English and minimal equations and graphs. It offers a systematic but brief  introduction to the main ideas and their many implications.