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Stories from the Deep Earth: How scientists figured out what drives tectonic plates and mountain building



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iconBooks of  the BetterNature publishing imprint are currently organised under the Seventh Generation series. Other series with other themes may emerge in the fulness of time.

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Seventh Generation series

The Great Council of the Six Nations of the Iroquois reputedly included one member whose role was to speak for the seventh generation unborn.

7. Economy, Society, Nature: An introduction to the new systems-based, life-friendly economics (Paperback and eBook, September 2019). Published by the World Economics Association (so not officially a BetterNature imprint).

6. The Little Green (I’m afraid of) Economics (but I want to save the world) Book (Short Book, paperback, August 2018).

5. Desperately Seeking the Fair Go (eBook 2017, paperback 2018).

4. The Rise and Failure of the Radical Right (Short Book, eBook 2017, paperback 2018).

3. Sack the Economists (BWM Books, 2013). eBook or print-on-demand.

2. The Nature of the Beast – unpublished eBook, for now a free download.

1. Economia (ABC Books, 2004) –  out of print, now here as a free pdf. Sometimes copies can be found through Amazon.

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  2. Francis Harvey MLitt (Sydney University)

    I have only read one of your articles, but I am in wholehearted agreement.
    Keep up the excellent commentary!



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