Progressive Policies

This tab will collect ideas and policies that can support a progressive political movement or party. The major parties need to be radically reformed, which seems highly unlikely, or replaced. The Greens could take the lead, but they seem uninterested or unable. There are nascent progressive parties, but often they’re not clear about the larger forces  that underly the usual list of “issues” that need attention.

So I have written a couple of lists of policies. The First Step comprises things that are not too radical but would be a break with present nonsense and make a good start.

Beyond that, we need to have some vision of where we’d like to go. There are already powerful movements to restore more local living that supports people and doesn’t trash the planet. There is a need for a larger policy framework that will nurture and support such movements, whereas the present system subverts them. So I have compiled a framework that can serve as a model and a beginning.

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