More Praise

More Praise for The Nature of the Beast

Professor Steve Keen, Universityof Western Sydney, author of  Debunking Economics .

“I observed in Debunking Economics that, if we leave the development of economics only to economists, then the intellectual revolution that economics desperately needs will never occur. Even before the current crisis ends, economists will rebuild their old, static ways of thinking–just like they did after the Great Depression.

If change is going to come, it will be from other professions, like physics, engineering and biology, who are used to modelling the dynamic, unstable real world rather than fantasies of equilibrium. They should be emboldened by this crisis to step onto the turf of economics and take the field over from the economists. Geoff Davies was one of the very first to do this, long before the current crisis hit, and his physics- and biology-inspired work is part of the promise of a future economics that is actually useful–unlike the downright dangerous fantasies of today’s neoclassical economists.”

The Honourable Tom Uren, AO, former Australian Federal Labor Minister:

 In The Nature of the Beast Geoff Davies makes a valuable contribution to the public debate about the big issues facing humanity today.
As that great Australian, Dr. Nugget Coombs, wrote after decades of esteemed public service:
“There is nothing divinely ordained about the economic system:  it is the product of human ingenuity … and can therefore properly be questioned, criticised and, if a betterer alternative exists, rejected.”
Not many Australians have taken up this challenge. Geoff has.  He raises important questions and critiisms of our present way of doing things, and offers pointers to a better economic system and a better human society. I admire that he sees the environment as having a central place in the design of a viable and sustainable alternative and that he displays an underlying faith in the capacity of people ultimately to think and act for the good of all.
In “The Nature of the Beast” Geoff Davies is much more in command of the material, and his text is highly readable and clear even for people who are not well informed about economics. … he makes an excellent effort to explain what’s wrong with the present way we think about economics and how we could easily change that to our great advantage. Essential reading.