Economia, the book

“Geoff Davies’ project is distinguished by such commonsense, hard science, practicality, surprise, fine writing and expert contempt for orthodox economics, it’s a joy to read for visionaries and sceptics alike.” – Professor Hugh Stretton, social scientist and author of Economics, A New Introduction.

Economia critiques the archaic theories and practices through which economies are managed, or mismanaged, and develops a new vision that grows out of modern systems concepts and the idea that economies should support the health of society and the overall well being of people in all our rich complexity.

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Download a free Economia_Sample including title pages, contents, Preface and Introduction (pdf, 668 Kb, 19 pages).

Or read Chapter 6 EconomiaCh6_Scientific : Is the neoclassical theory scientific?

Free download

Pdf file (4.7 Mb, 415 pages): Economia_W10

[ epub version may be available soon. ]

5 thoughts on “Economia, the book

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  2. David Campbell


    I have only just started reading your book but we seem to be travelling the same path. I am working on a book which I think supports your views, what I call fluid economics. It has a background flow siphon flat payment system that frees people from the necesscity of work-to-consume-to-create-work cycle. Fluid economics is about reducing sanctions and manipulations so we can use our holistic mind in buying and selling choices.

    Both these things then encourage a tri-modal democracy of monetary, labour and representative I call DemoKratia.


    I’d love to know what you think.

    And perhaps we could join forces to create change.



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