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This tab collects essays and blog posts on the complementary themes

Disgoverning Oz

Beyond Free Markets

Progressive Policies

They could have been placed under Economies, Politics or Society, but the need is becoming more urgent for a clear analysis of dire developments in politics (Brexit, Trump, etc) and a clear account of constructive options. I’m collecting them here so they have more coherence.

Much of the analysis can be found in my books Sack the Economists and the new one, currently entitled Desperately Seeking the Fair Gobut the situation continues to develop rapidly. There’s a need to keep up to date, as well as to comment on developments as they occur.

Below is a general assessment and motivation. The prospect for reining markets in so they serve our needs instead of trampling them is outlined in both books mentioned above, and updates will be put under Beyond Free Markets.

The Disgovernance of Australia

No, not discovering and not mis-governing, dis-governing: deliberately disrupting the governance of Australia, in the same way that disinformation is the deliberate spreading of false information.

You would never guess Australia is a very fortunate country in a very fortunate situation if you listened only to the ragings and prattlings of the political mainstream. We have abundant resources, innovative, educated and diverse people, diverse land, a still-reasonable climate and no significant threats. We ought, indeed, to be “relaxed and comfortable”, and we can easily afford to ensure nobody is in serious want. We can easily afford to be tolerant, compassionate and considered in how we deal with each other and the world. We can make a good and honest living for ourselves without ruining the land or begging foreigners to do it for us.

Instead we are in a lather of fear about a small number of helpless refugees who might show up on our inhospitable northern shores, even as we ship in small floods of immigrants to our crowded cities, at great cost and inconvenience. We fear a smaller number of radicals, both pro- and anti-islam, that we incite through our folly. We are divided and acrimonious. We have poor and dispossessed, we fear for our jobs and our future, and we seem to think the country is in dire straits.