Readers’ comments

Readers comment on Economia

Congratulations.  This thoughtful book and its solutions deserve widespread sales and success.

– Bob Brown, Australian Greens Federal Senator for Tasmania.

Gday Geoff,

I’ve just finished reading Economia – twice. I’ve never been motivated to
write to an author before, but I’ll make an exception in this case – the book
is incredible and important. 

It’s gratifying and empowering to see the defects of the current global
economic (and by extension political) system we’re all labouring under
explained so clearly and lucidly, as opposed to the vague and instinctive
discontent so many of us feel but can’t articulate properly. I’ve spent the
last couple of weeks with my head in this book alternatively swearing with
frustration at the the state of things, and laughing with the pleasure of
seeing the intrinsic flaws exposed with the scalpel of rigorous and undeniable
common sense. 

Economia should be required reading for all students of economics, actually,
all students in general (secondary and tertiary)! It’s just a great shame that
the people who really should be reading this book and taking heed of it: our
elected representatives (and those unelected CEO’s who really run the show),

Thanks so much for writing Economia. I wish you the success you deserve for it.


Tristan (Brisbane)

2 thoughts on “Readers’ comments

  1. Geoff Davies Post author

    Hi Sharon, sorry I forgot to respond. Economia is long out of print. You can download a free pdf of it. If that doesn’t suit you (it’s nearly 500 pages) I do have a few hard copies stashed away. Alternatively Sack the Economists is a more recent and much shorter summary of the essence of the economics arguments – follow the link to the website so see how to purchase it. The Nature of the Beast is available only as a download. It’s time I made it a free download too.



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