An Aussie Looks at His Environments

This is a Memoir by my father, Fred Davies (1908-1994). He was a farmer, builder, conservationist, traveller, questioner and sometime iconoclast.


This is the story of my life and times. It begins with earliest memories of around 1912 up to the present time, the end of 1992.

It tells of schooldays, life on the farm as a young fellow with dreams of the future and ends on a cynical note at the failure of our Rulers and leaders to provide a caring and sharing lifestyle for the peoples of the Earth. It tells of the great depression and its repercussions, of the struggles on the farms to establish a niche in the society in which I lived, compatible with the vast natural resources of our continent.

It tells of an affinity with the “Bush” from the earliest memories to the present time, of a compelling urge to manage well that part of the natural environment which sustains us.

Apart from the natural environment it tells of the struggles through the jungles of Politics, Economics and Religion.


Pdf file AussieLooksAtEnvs.

If anyone wants I can produce an epub or mobi (Kindle) file, readable on ‘devices’. If so, you can request one here.