Give me feedback

I have two manuscripts in the works.  See the image in the left column, or the menu tag  Books and Downloads at the top of the site.

Also you will notice I have changed the visual Theme of the site, and rejigged some things.  Is it readable, pleasant, clear?

One manuscript is incomplete and in progress, and the other is fairly complete but adventurous in its presentation.

I would love to have your feedback on these manuscripts.  Are they readable?  Do they make sense?  Do they work?  What is your overall reaction?

4 thoughts on “Give me feedback

  1. colin penter

    Gday Geoff, Just to let you know I regularly visit and read your blogs and enjoy and appreciate all your work. Am currently reading Economia and finding it terrific. I have a link to your blog on my blog
    and on a couple of other blogs I coordinate and write for

    Will continue to link your work through my various blogs. If ever you are in perth would love to catch up and link you with others here in the west who are questioning the economic, political and corporate hegemony under which we all live. thanks for your fine work
    colin penter


  2. Ronald Bastian

    Hi all, Just a general “trumpet blast” to announce my personal “nod” to the latest Quarterly Essay, “Trivial Pursuit” by George Megalogenis. I fully realise that political opinion is very subjective, however, having just put it down I found that I totally agreed with everything he says in this essay. Economia was my first real exposure to “truth” about our economical and political ethos and this essay has proven to me at least to be a natural flow-on from what Economia prepared me for. I certainly hope our “pollies” take note of what he says as I did when I read Economia. Inspirational and thought-provoking stuff and relevent to “today” and the future.


  3. Gordon & Suesie

    My main suggestions upon your draft books is that you make them more structured in some way so one can read the conclusions more clearly without having to go through the more analytical material which many will find rather heavy going.
    Admittedly my background was technical and corporate plus I used PowerPoint a lot, but I think the best way to get a message across is to have various levels of message so each member of your audience can read and absorb the appropriate level.
    You don’t have to read and comprehended the whole Bible to behave like a good Christian. Yes, it helps to argue your belief if you know the whole bible but that is for the 1% of us.
    Interesting reading so far.


  4. Geoff Davies Post author

    Thanks for the feedback.
    It’s a perennial challenge adjusting my message for the range of audiences. Currently I’m leaning a little more on the technical side. Later I hope to develop the less technical aspects that are in “Our Place” into a book more about how we need to live on the planet.



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