Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s recent speech to the US Congress was so sycophantic it was more sad than embarrassing.

We who think good ole Oz can be something other than a fiefdom of powerful foreigners are used to cringing when ever an Aussie politician visits the land of the free and the home of the brave.  Ironically it is the Labor politicians who are the most servile, because they think they have to prove they’re not lefties.  That will be one of the reasons for Gillard’s grotesque performance.

A second possible reason, underlined by her visit with the US military in Hawaii, is that we are about to learn we will be hosting many more of our glorious ally’s military installations.  We await enlightenment from those who conduct the Australian public’s business in secret, and to their own advantage.

Part of the problem here is the Labor Party’s total absence of any remaining principle, or any recollection of why it came into existence.  I have written on this before and probably will again soon, on the current manifestations courtesy of Gillard.  Suffice to say for now that it is hard to conceive of such monumental ineptitude (if that’s not an oxymoron) as the announcement of a carbon “price” with no mention of compensating packages for the battlers.  Unbelievable.  An own goal, a total gift to Tony Abbott.

Meanwhile Bruce Haigh has given us a small sample of why we might not be automatic and total doormats to the United States.  He writes

I heard no words from Gillard about the need for the fundamental reform of the US financial system, access of Australian beef and other agricultural produce, of the need to withdraw from Afghanistan, of Australian determination to protect the rights of Julian Assange and of concern at US prevarication over the unfolding events in North Africa.

And enfant terrible John Pilger has observed

As the Washington historian William Blum has documented, since 1945, the US has destroyed or subverted more than 50 governments, many of them democracies, and used mass murderers like Suharto, Mobutu and Pinochet to dominate by proxy. In the Middle East, every dictatorship and pseudo-monarchy has been sustained by America. In “Operation Cyclone”, the CIA and MI6 secretly fostered and bank-rolled Islamic extremism.

The objective of post-war US foreign policy has not been to promote the democracy and freedom won and defended at such cost by its forebears and sons.  Nor, on the other hand, has it been to crush democracy, at least not directly.  No, democracy has simply been irrelevant to US foreign policy.  It has supported some democracies, even as it repeatedly undermined or blocked other elected governments, from Mossadegh in Iran in 1953 through to the Palestinians today.

The real objectives of US foreign policy have been wealth and power, specifically the wealth and power of its own wealthy and powerful.  In that pursuit it is following a path well trodden for millennia.  In that pursuit it is the imperial power, operating more often by corruption and intrigue than by outright military conquest, but an imperial power nevertheless.  In that pursuit the modern United States governments betray everything their forefathers fought for, which was freedom from the yoke of a remote imperial power acting on behalf of its concentrations of wealth and power.

The question is, why would Australia want to be part of the US project?  The answer can only be that we are too afraid to step out into the big world, despite a geo-strategic situation that would be the envy of every other nation on Earth, except possibly New Zealand.  We are, in other words, cringing colonials.  At least those who claim to be our leaders are, and we the people have been too thick and deceived and fearful, for a century, to throw them out.

But it’s worse than that, because the United States is in rapid decline, a victim of its own departure from its ideals.  In the post-war decades ordinary people in Australia and the US achieved unprecedented wealth.  This was not a benign gift from the wealthy and powerful, although there were some who were relatively enlightened.  It was, rather, because of many decades of struggles of ordinary people to gain a fairer share of the wealth jointly created by owners and employees.

In 1980 a tide turned, and the narrowest, greediest of the wealthy gained power and began to cannibalise their own country.  In the US the wealth and well being of ordinary people has been steadily declining.  Their jobs have been exported to poor countries with few regulations.  The sharing of wealth at home has shifted dramatically back to the wealthy.

The result is a hollowed out America, an America that has already experienced one traumatic, predictable and predicted financial crisis but has yet to learn any of the hard lessons.  More crises are inevitable, and what was once the shining light of democracy may well collapse upon itself in a vicious convulsion of which the Tea Party is a foretaste.

Why would we want to associate ourselves with a country with no future?

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  1. PeterJB

    @ Geoff,

    You have my hearty congratulations for both relieving me of the sheer horror of being the only Australian that can see that which M’s Gillard et al are about to impose on this Nation, and
    your obvious recognition of what is damned obvious, all this in the light of the probability that we are alone in our insights.

    Stealth and deception is now obviously M’s Gillards MO.

    It was about 2 years ago when I saw the necessity for the USA to conquer a large Nation with enormous resources which could be sourced as exogenous input to the failed and dying US economy. This foreseen event necessitated an ease of entry, minimum lass of life and a certain co-operation of its leaders soon to become the obedient servants of the Empire. Not so surprisingly I suggested then, that Australia would fit the specificities of this scenario perfectly, albeit not even I, then, believing that those we have elected to “leadership” would sell us out so brazenly and traitorously.
    I listen to the radio news as I write this post and hear that M’s Gillard stating that she knows of no officials in government that are making Australian information to the US or anyone else. How can she say this while Mark Arbib has openly admitted to this under questioning and accusation as well as a few others, as a matter of course of duty? So why does our PM not know?

    Nonsense, it is a full scale sell-out which we shall regret as the US is a done force.

    Thank you for standing in this matter, and thank you for your post,




  2. Geoff Davies Post author

    Thanks Peter.
    I think there are quite a few of us who see through all the nonsense. However we’re hardly visible because the mainstream media shut out views that are too unsettling. So, we have little blogs like this one …


  3. Geoff Davies Post author

    Another thought Peter-
    I think the US has vassals all over the world, busy betraying their own countries and getting (temporarily) rich and powerful. (A few of them are in a bit of strife in the Middle East at the moment.) So I wouldn’t over-rate the significance of our country, nor of our small-time politicians.


  4. PeterJB

    Dear Geoff,
    Interestingly, I first suspected something was up years ago during the Clinton Administration when it was remarked by an observer that Allan Greenspan was arriving at the white House before dawn and staying inside to just prior to him attending his full time job of Chairman of The FedRes. This was so curious that a focus was placed almost full time on his phase-space. During the evenings it was noted that the was openly lobbying for the invasion of Iraq at every cocktail party and social event. Such activities continued well into the George W Bush Administration which as we all know invaded Iraq.

    Now, Greenspan is no warmonger and no real Muslin hater, so one had to ask, why was the Chairman of The Federal Reserve promoting War on Iraq? Was it oil? The answer I came up with was the default position of all rulers in written history when they have bankrupted their Nation, which is to supplement their coffers with exogenous booty through War.

    The US was Bankrupt under Clinton and before (ignore his surplus report as it was all smoke and mirrors) and Bush though he had no choice, but to go to War. Mind you, those that were called up to then the “f&^%ing crazies”, that is the neocon’s, were chaffing at the bit to kill something; anything, as long as there was lots of blood and gore.

    But the US wars haven’t gone well for the US FedRes and there is really no control of the offshore currency – the Reserve Currency – while the TBTF are really TBTF&^k With – they actually control the White House, totally and co-jointly with the AIPAC Lobby (the latter appears to be highly influential in Canberra as well), they control both houses and just about very major Federal government ministry in the USA.

    To the US we are a pushover, 20+million people and eager politicians that would sell their mothers for nickels and look what the US get – the largest war platform that ever was; full security in one huge Penal Colony – and clear skies. who will object?

    No possibility of a revolution, no guns, no guts, no noise; just docile believers in the Queen and her Golden Shores Penal Colonies and all looking forward to taxation beyond death.

    But this just didn’t happen on Gillard’s Watch – I posted this back in July August 2005.

    ” July 13-15, 2005 — New U.S. air base under construction in Australia

    Our Australian sources report that a new U.S. air base is currently under constrction in the Northern Territory of Australia. A new air strip is reportedly under costruction in the Bradshaw Range in the sparesly populated “Top End” region of Australia.
    An air training and bombing facility in the Delamere Test Range is also being upgraded for American forces.

    There are reports that the bases in the Northern Territory may replace those in Okinawa if the U.S. withdraws from the Japanese island.

    The construction of the new U.S. air force facilities in the Northern Territory follows a massive U.S.-Australian military exercise in Queensland, off the Great Barrier Reef, called Talisman Sabre 2007.”

    Interesting Yes?

    So, yes, we know the big payoffs for selling out your nation is in the Billions as there are many recent evidences and I suggest that M’s Gillard was crying for the sheer joy, when addressing Congress in the USA.

    It is indeed a sad day! Hopefully, the US will totally collapse before this occupation takes hold but this morning during my beach walk, an unmarked military helicopter flew overhead which looked to me suspiciously like belonging to the US Navy?


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  6. Greg

    Does it come to you that a close relationship with the US, including military and intelligence one provides enormous benefits to this country, including reduction of military expenditure?
    This is a strategically important relationship for a small country like ours and Gillard’s performance in Washington simply reflects that. What would you do in your shoes?


  7. Geoff Davies Post author

    I think the cost of reasonable defence of our island continent would not be so high, given the lack of plausible medium-term threats. I think our pollies for generations have gone the cheap route of relying on a mythical “alliance” with the US out of expediency, so they don’t have to raise the taxes to pay for that defence. Americans hardly know we exist (I lived there for 15 years), and I wouldn’t hold my breath they’d be willing to defend us in yet another foreign war, unless it directly involved US “interests”.

    Beyond that, there are some things we choose not to do. We could sell heroin to the world at at a profit, but we choose not to. We could be party to the subjugation and exploitation of many people around the world, or we could choose not to.


  8. PeterJB

    “What would you do in your shoes?”

    Your question doesn’t make sense to me. Do you mean that Gillard and Co. should or could have sold Australia to another Nation?

    Military Occupation means exactly that – US Military Occupation with support forces and personnel, armed divisions, military police, air bases, naval abases, marine bases, munitions stores, ie nuclear armament (if it isn’t stored here already) and conventional munitions and full support facilities including diplomatic / political enforcement, CIA, FBI, IRS and the other ~30 different secret service operations Plus Black Operations, etc., etc..

    What Greg is talking about it M’s Gillard handing Australia to the US on a plate – which, as has been the case in just about every Nation that they have occupied, means that they will suck the social fabric of Australia dry, a priori, for the benefit of the USA.

    The US Military Occupation of Australia is for the confrontation of China and to maintains stability throughout SE Asia. FYI China is Australia’s largest Trading partner and the last time I looked I saw no instabilities in SE Asia. But where ever the US is, there is instability.

    Let me assure you, and I also have lived in the USA, to be an enemy of the USA is far more beneficial than being its “friend”.

    And today, I can’t think of one Nation in the world that has any intention of invading Australia apart from New Zealand, which we absorbed anyway.

    I am deeply saddened by your question -as I do expect that many will think as you and when you realize what some of us know, it will be too late for all of us…



  9. Lyonwiss

    Gillard must be extra grateful to her masters, because she became PM due to the coup-d’etat of Rudd, approved by the Americans through Arbib, the informant. Mandarin speaking Rudd is too independent and therefore dangerous.


  10. PeterJB

    @ Lyonwiss
    Good of you to comment as this as the issue of the day and year and for the rest of the days of the lives of our children’s children. US Military takeover of Australia.

    Australia represents the perfect military platform for the US to now control the World being able to launch strikes and support into S.W Asia from the Western coast line, into Asia proper and the Far East from the Central, Northern and North Eastern points of Australia – without any interference or inconveniences – while being able to store and maintain – undetected and with full security in isolation, nuclear weapons, and conventional armaments, aircrafts and repairs facilities underground, while supporting full and silent strike attacks to any location within the regions of three oceans with ease. Australia as a major refueling point for all military operations, even autopilot in-air refuelers is ideal to the US war machine.

    Reaching from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean from the South China Sea into the South Pole polar air strike routes Australia represents a major prize for the aggressive and war intent (PNAC driven) warmongering “neocon” fascist Americans and its AIPAC handlers.

    A major prize indeed and M’s Gillard hand to her new friends through the pleasures and traitorous groveling of Mark Arbib the Traitor (I am sure he isn’t the only sewer rat in Canberra) a perfect and vast warbase – and airbase to destroy and conquer the World and to mount operations far away from the sight of the US public.

    Operation Jackaroo

    Representing the unsuspecting natives are a mere ~ 20+ million population of docile true-believing and trusting – but totally gullible half alive humans huddling around the coastline and water holes, like “Pavlov’s Dogs” ,watching their cherished TV where Canberra plays their favorite sophistry hours of adventures to just pure lies for their ‘intellectual’ intake. No threat to the Empires World domination here. This lot do not present any problem and even if one does make too much noise, black and wet-ops can soon effect disappearance with the dutiful clean and slop support of the Gillard (et al); owners of the patch of vast desert and penal colonies called Australia.

    Thousands of miles, upon thousands of miles of wilderness, desert, scrub ensures secrecy of operations as well as security form the enemies of the US which after all now amount to just about the rest of the World. The “neocon” blood thirsty rabble and the AIPAC Lobby have finally achieved their wet-dreams as written under PNAC – and in theis wilderness will be found the willing and co-operative mining operations which are after all, are owned free and clear and in majority by the US interests. Remember why M’s Gillard withdrew the Rudd Rent Tax on miners – Now you know why. Its free for Empire.

    PNAC: 100 hundred Years of continual warfare without any interruptions by the inconveniences caused by the US public. And, if the Australia public make noise, it is a simple manner and entirely acceptable by the Host to just have them eliminated – permanently.

    IOW Nobody is using this country so M’s Gillard invites Empire to help itself. It does anyway.

    Is this account too much for those of the “nanny=nation” of Australia who believe every word their lying political representatives tell them?

    Too bad. For this will now come to pass just as M’s Gillard’s ‘Tears of Joy’ as she swore her allegiance and loyalty to the US Military Regime before its Congress in early 2011. It is not beyond the imagination that M’s Gillard’s new Masters will also make her the Mubarak and or Gadaffi of Australia with a term of Office to be counted in the decades. Maybe even “Gillardia”.

    Are there any other people alive in Australia apart from the few represented here?



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