Blunder ahead at top speed

There’s not much more to say, really, about how we’re dealing with global warming:

“We’re running an epic experiment on global biophysical systems with only the faintest clue what we’re even doing, much less how to manage it. We know things could go rapidly, irreversibly, horribly wrong, but we’re not sure how likely that is, or when it might happen. So we just blunder ahead at top speed. Because coal is cheap.”

From an article by David Roberts of Grist.  He’s commenting on a commentary in Nature Geoscience pointing out that climate models are not good at predicting tipping points.


1 thought on “Blunder ahead at top speed

  1. Kevin Cox

    Coal is cheap because we assume it is infinite. There is no policy that requires replacement of the assets which is the case with renewables. With renewables we not only have to replace the assets we also pay a so-called opportunity cost (or interest on capital) whereas, because we do not replace coal, there is no opportunity cost!



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