Challenges to Orthodoxy (normal service resuming)

I will now resume posting after a break.

I was travelling in August-September.  Since my return I have focussed on finishing the long-intended short book on economics, The Nature of the Beast.  My work earlier in the year was interrupted by some science left over from my retirement last year, by moving house, and by travel.  I have now finished a draft with which I am pretty happy.  I will be updating the pages relating to The Beast, and posting a few extracts.

In meantime the need for a concise, clear demolition of the dominant economic paradigm and a presentation of modern, sensible alternatives has only grown.  The Occupy Wall Street movement is the most encouraging development in a long time, perhaps, we can hope, marking the end of the striking passivity that took hold after the sixties rebellions died away.

Recently some economics students at Harvard have walked out of Greg Mankiw’s economics course, echoing the criticisms of Parisian economics students a decade earlier, when they called for “post-autistic economics“.  Steve Keen’s comments on some points of debate are illuminating.  Other useful comments can be seen at Real World Economics Review Blog, and a commentary on Mankiw’s textbook is also starting there.

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