2 thoughts on “The Great Global Warming Conspiracy?

  1. Manuel Angeles

    Very good, but why stop at oil? One should include all those involved in: mining, smelting, timber, car-making, cement, jet planes, etc, And speculation in those and other areas


  2. Ronald Bastian

    Hi Manuel,

    The graph shown here simply demonstrates alternative views regarding “conspiracy theories” that abound, regarding global warming. We have always had “oil” of some sort and we now understand the many uses and alternatives that are available to us. When we speak of oil these days it’s mostly about the oil that is pumped in crude form and refined for fuel in cars and other forms of transport. The current concern is to find ways to find alternative fuels that do not impact on the health of the planet and THAT is a GOOD thing, isn’t it ?

    The oil that we have been forced to rely on is being held “captive” by a group of people operating under the acronym of OPEC (oil producers).

    The wholesale price is set by them and raised at will, forcing world oil companies to pass-on the increases. We, the customers are now “addicted” to this product and need to find alternatives or be forced to give up using the modes of transport we have become reliant on…..very simple, “yes?”

    If it ever came to a situation where this might eventuate, they will stop making cars, planes and doing all those things that we have become addicted to, but of course that would reduce the need for their over-inflated priced product so they would drop the price dramatically as a “pusher of drugs” does to get us all “hooked” again. The message is simple..the more the demand, the dearer it gets. If the “demand” drops, so will the prices.

    The comment criticising “oil companies” is that they are seen by many to be manipulating the markets by appearing to use blackmail tactics on the “end-users” by taking advantage of the situation and it appears that NO Government can do anything to change that, and by the way, cement is a natural product taken directly from the earth and not a by-product of oil.

    But of course Manuel….you already knew all this.



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