No More Climate Denialist “Debate” Here

I have decided it’s past time to stop humouring climate skepticism and denial by allowing their “debate” on my posts.  Why?  Because tolerating it only helps to perpetuate the myth that climate scientists are divided and there’s a lot of doubt about the cause of global warming.  It feeds the trolls.

The AGW menu and submenu lists items related to global warming that are archived here, so I don’t have to keep repeating the same arguments to sceptics who keep repeating the same old arguments.  I just updated the AGW tag with the following.

Climate science, like all science, has a well-developed bullshit filter.  It’s not perfect, but it gets rid of much of the nonsense.  Not only does climate skepticism not have such a filter, it has a plentiful supply of non-scientist bullshitters, and they are fed by a professional disinformation industry that generates copious amounts of bullshit.   One of the biggest pieces of bullshit is that there is a scientific conspiracy to exaggerate the threat.  That conspiracy theory is really the last remaining resort of denialists.


The balance of scientific opinion was recently estimated to be about 99.83% for, 0.17% against, the proposition that we are causing global warming.  James Lawrence Powell counted papers published between 1991 and 2012.  Here’s his result:



James Lawrence Powell's graph showing the extent of scientific scepticism.

James Lawrence Powell’s graph showing the extent of scientific scepticism.

So, no more bullshit here.

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