New Words for an Anthem (slightly revised)

[I have been busy with other things, so not posting very much.  It’s partly distraction, partly finding a different approach, wanting to give less power to the nonsense that passes for mainstream political and social commentary, and more power to important and sane things.  I’ll probably post about it before too long.  Also I have (yet) another idea on how to present my economics thoughts so they might attract some attention.  I’ll share that at an appropriate time too.]

I realised, from reading and interacting with indigenous folk, that my recent Anthem words still lacked something important.  Fortunately there was a line that could be readily modified to cover the need.  Perhaps this version is ready to promote more widely.  (You may share it freely, with attribution to me.)

Australia We Share
(Geoff Davies, 30 April 2013)

An ancient land from Rock to sand
A Dreaming old and wise
White, brown and black from other lands
New ways from old arise.
From whips and chains through gold and fleece
Innovation, sweat and care
A new refrain to grace the world:
A fair go and fair share.
To Dream together, old and new,
Australia we share.

A wilful land of flood and fire
Of forests lush and tall
Of rivers slow and jewel reef
And creatures fit for all
This land abounds in nature’s gifts
Of beauty rich and rare
From aeons past a heritage
For us to take due care.
We all are now custodians
Australia, we care.

2 thoughts on “New Words for an Anthem (slightly revised)

  1. Dianna Art

    I love this, only one line is a bit NQR

    “And creatures fit for all”

    We have a wonderful, unique fauna which is in dire need of respect and care, as a result I do not get the above line. Otherwise I applaud the inclusive nature and call to community that this anthem inspires.


    1. Geoff Davies Post author

      Hi Dianna,
      By “all” I mean all the environments just named. I see it may be a bit unclear. Did you read it as fit for all of us to use?



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