3 thoughts on “Sack the Economists on Independent Australia

  1. Joe Taylor

    Thanks for putting together such an important book Geoff. I’ve been reading pretty intensively on the topic ever since the Financial Crisis kicked of f in 2008 and this book is easier to understand than many.

    It’s important that lay people are able to understand so that they can confront their elected members and speak with confidence and authority.

    Like many people out there, I used to wonder how and why economists so very obviously get it wrong all the time. I got a satisfactory answer from reading Economyths and The Origin of the Financial Crisis. Dealing with economists is like dealing with the flat earth society. Everything they conclude is based on now demonstrably false assumptions. Your book yet again confirms that fact.Yet people educated in this pseudo-scientific hogwash are in positions of power all over the globe. It’s no wonder the world economy is in chaos.

    I noticed that your views on the necessity of preventing banks from creating just about all (97%) the entire money supply out of fresh air from loans (as debt that has to be paid back to them with interest!) are very similar to those of the excellent UK organization ‘Positive Money’.

    I’ve let the founder – Ben Dyson – know about your book.

    Thanks again

    Joe Taylor


  2. Joe Taylor

    It’s a pleasure Geoff. I will put selected quotes from the book up on the National Community Activists website (if you don’t mind?) and direct the membership to them. I will also do my best, via social media, to get your message out to a wider audience.



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