Canberra and Sydney Book Launches

A reminder of tomorrow’s launch in Canberra;  more details below.

Also note that the Sydney launch will be 4 May at Gleebooks, featuring Steve Keen.

Sydney, Sunday 4 May, 3:30 for 4

Book launched by well-known iconoclastic economist Professor Steve Keen
Gleebooks, 49 Glebe Point Road Glebe NSW 2037 Sydney.
Free, but please register (link and more details to be added real soon now – i.e. after tomorrow).

Canberra, Thursday 3 April, 5:30 for 6

Book Launch
Sack the Economists and disband their departments
by Geoff Davies

The book will be launched by
Professor Bob Douglas
Professor Emeritus of Public Health and Director of Australia 21

Mainstream economists failed comprehensively to foresee the Global Financial Crisis of 2007-8, widely regarded as the greatest economic malfunction since the Great Depression.  Such failures arise from fundamental flaws in mainstream economic thinking and practice.

The subject needs to be remade, using modern systems concepts and modern knowledge of people, societies and the world.  More stable economies serving humane societies within a thriving natural world would then be feasible.

Dr. Geoff Davies has had an internationally distinguished scientific career in geophysics at ANU, authoring two books and over 100 papers.  He has been exploring economics for over fifteen years, and has previously published Economia: new economic systems to empower people and support the living world.  More at .


Thursday, 3rd April 2014, 5:30 for 6 pm, Innovations Theatre, Eggleston Road, ANU


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