Revoke Tony Abbott’s Australian Citizenship

[Just published at Independent Australia]

Some people have wondered why Europe did not close its borders before the recent incursion by known incendiarist Tony Abbott. A more pertinent question for us is why we would let him return to Australia.

Some have made a plausible case that Tony Abbott is a dual citizen of Britain and Australia. That, combined with his activities here and abroad, would seem eminently to qualify him for having his Australian citizenship revoked.

Over a recent two-year period Abbott conducted an intensive campaign to radicalise Australians and to subvert our open democratic society. At every opportunity he attempted to strike fear into the hearts of Australians and to recruit the impressionable into his extremist vision. He conducted campaigns of vilification against blameless citizens and would-be citizens. He advocated contempt for the law and those upholding it, and the changing of any law that proved inconvenient to his malevolent designs. He persistently obfuscated and concealed the true nature of his activities. He and his acolytes vilified anyone expressing views they considered to be politically incorrect. He openly advocated the use of violence against those he perceived to be interfering with his program.

Recently he slipped through border security and popped up in England. While there he openly espoused bizarre and vile doctrines while preaching to the impressionable minds of Tory politicians. He urged them to spurn the teachings of the Bible, to harden their hearts to strangers, to turn away supplicants and to be bad Samaritans.

Tony Abbott was born overseas, in England. He openly expresses his admiration of and fealty to the English monarch. Although he holds Australian citizenship, he has never clarified whether he revoked his British citizenship, despite pointed enquiries on the subject, thus leaving the strong suspicion that he is still a dual citizen. This, incidentally, would make him ineligible to sit in Federal parliament. However our concern now must be with the right of such a reprobate to remain an Australian citizen.

Recently it was proposed to revoke the Australian citizenship of anyone attempting to radicalise or terrorise other Australian citizens, and anyone who joined overseas with those fighting Australia’s interests. As it is illegal to render anyone stateless, the revocation can only be applied to those with dual citizenship. Clearly Tony Abbott’s probable status and his views and actions over an extended period qualify him for this treatment.

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