Brexit, Trump and a Rigged System

Economist Ian McAuley has written a series of articles called Brexit, Trump and the Lucky Countryon John Menadue’s site Pearls and Irritations. The analysis is good as far as it goes, but there are more fundamental factors at work.

The neoliberal program never achieved more than mediocrity and overall it has failed even on its own terms. Worse, it has corrupted government, fractured society and visited destruction upon the Earth. This failure flows from two false premises at the heart of neoliberalism: the libertarian claim that people should be rugged individualists, and the neoclassical claim that free markets usually will automatically optimise an economy.

Behind the votes for Brexit and Trump lies a simple perception: the system is rigged in favour of the rich. That perception is accurate. People may lash out at scapegoats and follow false prophets, but their disgust and alienation are quite justified. Trump promised to break up the cozy club at the top, and many people said Yes.

Two extracts published at Pearls and Irritations, here and here.

Full essay here.

2 thoughts on “Brexit, Trump and a Rigged System

  1. Deadly Clear

    There is good breeding/good wealthy and there is no breeding and bad wealthy. There is old money and new money. It’s the same ol’ cabal that is bucking Trump and it comes from all 4 corners of the money-eyed. America faces a “huge” collapse, not be cause of Trump – but due to the globalists that had their own agenda and they’re not sitting in private stadium box anymore – they’re watching from the bleachers. Watch carefully, you’ll see them raise their ugly heads. They are the volatile brats in the sandbox.



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