People’s Embassy Blog 2

Come Monday 11th next this sign will be outside new Parliament House, as we set up the People’s Embassy to Parliament. People count for so little inside the big house, because Big Money has taken over, that we need an embassy.

But it’s only an interim arrangement, until we drive the money changers from the temple of democracy and take it back for people.

Join us, spread the word, support us, start your own branch, have politicians and wannabe politicians sign the pledges, if they dare.

See details at the dedicated page on this site:




1 thought on “People’s Embassy Blog 2

  1. Richard Swinton

    Hi Geoff,
    I’m all in favour of kicking out the monied classes from the big house; First thing is to limit donations, but equally important is real time publicising the donations so we know when we vote who has paid what. But its the lack of democracy in the system that rally bugs me – we desperately need to break down the party system which effectively disenfranchises nearly half the population. It was less of a problem when a more cooperative parliament allowed greater bi partisanship. This divisive parliament is part of the inheritance of a competitive culture – what neo liberalism and its ideology have cultivated here and overseas. Limiting terms will atop the professional parliamentarians; banning substitution of political stooges in charge of bureaucracy would help since we could expect expertise rather than ideology to guide the departments.
    Of course you could try Hugh MacKays (“Australia Reimagined” idea of randomly selected representatives. That could be fun with people selected like jurors for 2 terms max. That would spell th end of professional parliamentarians who can;t represent us because they have no real world experience
    Keep up the good work
    Richard S



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