We can still save the climate

There is a climate crisis. Deniers commonly have one or two facts that they claim show the scientists are wrong: the climate has always changed, carbon dioxide is only a tiny fraction of the atmosphere, and so on. They have an endless supply of supposed justifications for doing nothing.

Evidently the deniers imagine the climate scientists never thought of these objections, never investigated them. Well, they did.

They checked out these possibilities, and many more, because that’s how you do good science. None of the objections, NONE of them, has held up. Over 99% of scientists agree. The globe is warming and human emissions of carbon dioxide, methane and other gases are the cause.

Professional denier Andrew Bolt must be panicking. Recently he resorted to disgusting personal attacks on and mockery of Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg, because her calls for serious global action are gaining traction.

The situation is becoming dire. Half the Reef is dead. A point of no return is likely to come within the next decade, according to recent evaluations. We have to get our emissions down a lot by 2030, and to do that we have to have serious, effective action in place within the next year or two, scientists said recently.

Australian governments’ efforts are completely inadequate. Labor’s proposals are inadequate. Coal and gas are still heavily promoted by corrupt governments. There are some things that can be done by individuals and local councils, but national action is imperative.

It means each of us needs to get serious about demanding real government action. We can reduce emissions dramatically and actually improve our quality of life as we do, if we go about it sensibly and with national coordination. Germany is showing the way.

Contact your local member, talk to your friends, join the big rallies 20th September. You CAN help.

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