Want a different result? Change your vote.

I sent this letter to the Canberra Times this morning:

Two correspondents (CT, 17 Nov) raise concerns that are symptomatic of our modern condition. Laurie Quigg (Long waits) laments extremely long waits for services, and Chirs Ellis (Kicking toddlers) wonders what values lead the ACT to spend millions on football while firing five teachers who support children with special needs.

Laurie wonders if anyone can help. Yes, we can help ourselves, by changing our voting habits.

For three decades a regime of greed and materialism has been inflicted upon us by the old parties, under the guise of economic “rationalism” and “efficiency”. However the efficient pursuit of profits has been at the expense of gross inefficiency and distorted values for society in general.

The neo-liberal ideology behind this regime is devoid of any rational basis, theoretical or practical. It is the product of a deluded economics profession that practices pseudo-science. It has made a minority wealthy, but otherwise has performed poorly, then disastrously. It is reducing our well being.

Markets are powerful but they can not be left to run rampant and unmanaged, as our banks demonstrate. We must foster cooperation and compassion, as well as competition. We must govern for the whole of society, not just for “the economy”.

The major parties have been seduced and corrupted by a trojan horse doctrine. We can keep voting the same old way and lose our cherished values, or we can discard the old parties and keep our values. We do have a choice.

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