The Need For Action (on global warming)

I recently spoke to a Professional Development program for school teachers, in conjunction with the Australian Solar Energy Society conference.  A PowerPoint file is available for download here.

The Need For Action (PowerPoint, 7.2 megabytes)

Brief notes to accompany the PowerPoint

Pre-conference professional development workshop, 30 Nov 2010

Solar 2010 Conference, Australian Solar Energy Society (AuSES)

The Need for Action

Geoff Davies

Visiting Fellow, Research School of Earth Sciences, Australian National University and author Economia: New Economic Systems to Empower People and Support the Living World

Brief notes to accompany a PowerPoint presentation, available for download on my website.

General sources:

The Science of Climate Change, Australian Academy of Science

10 indicators of a human fingerprint on climate change, Climate Progress


Particular sources:

Slide 2: Ten indicators of a warming world: State of the Climate in 2009, NOAA.

Slide 3: Global temperature:

Slide 7: Sea ice minima: The Copenhagen Diagnosis

Slide 11:  Ten indicators of a human fingerprint.

Slide 18: small cost of emissions reductions, from Steve Hatfield-Dodds.

Slide 22: The second industrial revolution:  Cradle to Cradle


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