To Parliament With Love (draft)

A down-to-earth guide to a decent and enduring Australia

I have drafted a new book. I would be happy to get feedback. If you would like a copy, email me at geoffd – at – . It is available in pdf or epub formats.

You can download an extract (pdf 200 kb)

More information follows, and additional material can be seen at the new book page.

To retrieve the fair-go, democratic Australia we thought we lived in, we need change at many levels. 

We need political parties that serve us, a civil political conversation, policies that relate to reality, and less destructive media. 

We need to restore compassion and cooperation to their place in our society. We need an economy that reflects those values. We need to value government.

We need to recognise our total dependence on a healthy natural world.

At the deepest level we need healthier relationships, with each other and with the natural world.


  1. Love?  In Politics? 4
  2. Some Neglected History 10
  3. Rise of the Radical Right 24
  4. Australia’s Recent Experience 36
  5. Seeking a New Strategy 44
  6. Human Nature 60
  7. Healthier Relationships 72
  8. Politics With Heart and Head 84
  9. An Economy to Support Society 98
  10. Media – Society’s Conversation 116
  11. Knowledge and Open Debate 128
  12. Relating with Countries and Corporations 134
  13. Economy II – Banks and Other Topics 146
  14. Relating With the Land 156
  15. Beautiful Solutions 168
  16. Special People 184
  17. Decent and Enduring 194

Appendix: Songs, Oaths, Flags 206
Bibliography 208
About the Author 220

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